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Youtube Video - Adult Times

Check out our new Youtube video - Adult Times
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Being Faithful

Being in a relationship isn’t easy all the time. You have your…
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Experimenting in the Bedroom

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you may have fallen…
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Love and Be Loved

There’s nothing better than a reciprocal relationship. When…
woman in lingerie

Youtube Video - Adult Fun

We're proud to bring you another video - Adult Fun
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Resolving Conflicts

If you are or have been in a long-term relationship, you will…
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Youtube Video - Sex Life

Here at Adult Pleasures, we've brought you another video.…
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The Gift of a Good Partner

Life is a tough journey sometimes, and many of us need a companion…
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Healthy Love

The game of love isn’t always easy. Many people are looking…
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The Magic of Commitment

For those of us who are in long-term relationships, you will…