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Adult Shop Melbourne Sex Specialists

Adult Shop Melbourne Sex Specialists

We all have different emotional reactions to sex. For some of us, it is pure joy, and for others, it is more of a mixed experience. A lot of the emotions involved depend on the setting of the experience, and who it is with. Adult Pleasures Adult Shop Melbourne Sex Specialists has everything you need to enjoy a fulfilling sex life with your partner. But what about those encounters that don’t involve a committed partner?

One-Night Stands

Have you ever had a one-night stand? These kinds of experiences can range from being harmless fun, to troubling, or worse. If you choose to have sex with someone after meeting them at a bar, for example, it’s a good idea to make sure both of you know the risks.

It’s better if you’re psychologically ready to deal with the fact that it may just be a one-off, and your partner should know that too. If you’ve ever done this, you might have been intoxicated when you made the decision and regretted it afterward.

It is well known that humans don’t have the best ability to make clear decisions when they have been drinking alcohol. If you or your partner have had more than a few drinks, it’s probably better not to sleep together. This can also prevent misshaps with contraception and other potential future issues.

Enjoy talking, kissing, and romancing, but leave the sex until you’re in a clearer state of mind. Besides, you may make a friend or partner if you hold off, rather than a one-off rendezvous.

One-night stands can leave us feeling emotionally empty, sad and regretful of the experience. It can also be dangerous – you have just met the person and haven’t had time to get to know them properly.

It’s probably better to rule one-night stands out altogether. If you’re looking for casual sex, find someone else who is on the same page, and who you get along with, but make sure both of you definitely don’t want to get into a relationship. If you do decide to have one or multiple one night stands, Adult Pleasures Adult Shop Melbourne sex specialists recommend you keep eye on your safety and make sure you have protection from diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

Casual Sex

Casual sex can be fulfilling if you go about it the right way. It can be a fun experience that leaves you both uplifted and happy. You are fulfilling a desire withoutthe strings attached to maintaining a relationship over time. That said,  casual sex also comes with its downsides.

Make sure you both agree on a set of rules, like whether or not you’re allowed to see other people. This can cause complications if it’s not specified and can leave you feeling jealous even though there’s no commitment involved.

It’s natural to get emotionally attached to someone who you’ve been having sex with, due to a chemical called oxytocin that is released when you have sex with the same person multiple times.

It is a theory that this is one of the reasons casual sex can be so emotionally charged. Whether or not you admit it, one or both of you may find yourself falling in love. This can cause inner conflict, as you may have decided that relationships are not for you – but there’s a tension there because your emotions are telling you that you should have a deeper and more committed relationship with that person.

Emotions and Communication

Sex inevitably brings with it emotions. These can be the greatest source of pleasure or pain in your life, depending on how you manage your relationship. Be wise about it – whether you’re with your long-time partner or exploring with a new friend, ask yourself “Are we ready for this? Is it the right time? Would it be better to wait? Am I in the right mood?” Make sure you have good communication with your partner so you both know it’s right, and enjoy the positive emotions.

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