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Adult Shop Sydney Specialists


If you’ve been in a relationship for a decent amount of time, are you at the point where sex has become routine and uninspired? Both partners may not admit to this, and trot out the old line “I have a headache”, or “I’m too tired”. This is where Adult Pleasures, the adult shop sydney fetish specialists come in!

Have You Fallen Into A Monotonous Pattern?

When this is said, it’s usually just accepted. You will probably just give up on the idea and roll over and go to sleep, thinking “I remember when we first got together, we wouldn’t let having a headache or being tired get in the way”.

You might be asking yourself if your partner still really wants you and if they’re still attracted to you. The reason for less intimacy may simply be because you’re doing the same thing every time.

Both partners might just be sick of doing it missionary style til one or both of you come and then just crash out to sleep. Well, why not try and make a change rather than be stuck in the same repetitive rut every night? Your Adult Shop Sydney fetish specialists are here to help!


Ask Your Partner

If you pick the time carefully, when the setting is right, make time for a conversation. You might just find out that he or she has some fantasies or fetishes you never even knew about. It’s not that they’ve become sick of you or that they don’t love you, it’s that they are sick of the nightly routine.

Sometimes people are shy about these things and will only open up about it if they trust that the open communication won’t backfire. “Will he think I’m weird if I ask to be spanked?” “Will she think the idea of pegging me is gross?”

By this time in your relationship, you should be at a level where sharing secrets will strengthen your bond. Let your partner know what you’d like to do in the bedroom. If you both find some activities that you’re into, voila! Your sex life is reinvigorated.

Here at Adult Pleasures, we take pride in providing everything you need for an exciting and fun sex life.

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