How to Clean Adult Toys

    How to Clean Adult Toys? We get asked this question allot as well as What do I need to use to Clean Adult Toys?

    In this article we will talk about how to clean different adult toys, as well as what to use.

    How to Clean a Male Masturbator?

    There are many different types of Male Masturbators available and some are a little different than the most.

    Today we will use the Fleshlight as an example.

    Note: We also recommend the use of Fleshwash Toy Cleaner also. It eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria.

    Cleaning accessories available below


    Renewing Powder

    Fleshlight Katsuni Featured

    How to Clean a Vibrator?

    It is important to note whether or not you toy is splashproof or waterproof. Whats the difference you ask.

    • Splashproof means that it cannot be fully submerged, examples of this would be more commonly than not battery powered toys. Special care needs to be taken around battery compartments of even chargers that need to be inserted into the toy.
    • Waterproof you submerge you toy without needing to worry about in being waterlogged or damaged. Examples of this would be the Satisfyer Pro 2 Pictured.

    Note: This Method can also be used for dildos, anal plugs and any other toys you may have.

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