Cock Rings are available in all different shapes and sizes. Some vibrate and some don’t. Some are made from silicone and some from metal or even leather. There are so many different types to choose from and each serve a different purpose. From Clitoral or balls stimulation, to prolonging orgasms or stretching the balls. There is a cock ring out there for every male.

Vibrating Cock Rings: Vibrating Cock Rings are generally made from medical grade silicone. These are great for providing vibrating stimulation to the erogenous zones of the body ie: Balls and Clitoral areas. Most have several different functions for different sensations. If you have a partner that needs a little bot extra clitoral stimulation to get them over the edge, then these are the type for you. Check out brands such as Screaming O and OVO for a quality product that will go the distance.

Non-Vibrating Cock Rings: For the male that wishes to experience rock hard erections, these type are designed purely to hold blood flow in the penis. They are known to increase stamina and pro-long orgasms. These type are all about you. Whilst your partner can experience more of you than usual. These can also be worn in many different shapes and sizes for different experiences and sensations. These are available in leather, Metal or silicone.

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