Adult Pleasures has the Lowest Price Online for Satisfyer. We offer a 12 Month Warranty on all products, so you can rest assured that you have a product that will last the test of time. Get yours today and join our other Satisfied customers.


Made with quality materials and body safe silicone. All rechargeable toys come with a magnetic charging cable which is easy to connect. The ergonomic handle makes the toys easy to use and access the controls even during the heat of play. Made in Germany.

The Controls are one touch buttons to make it even easier to find your favorite settings. The Pro 2 has 3 Controls, the middle control turns on and off the toy and the other 2 controls make it easier to increase or decrease the power of the toy. The Controls also have light up LED’s so you can always find the controls even in the dark


All Satisfyer Products are waterproof so they can be fully submerged during cleaning or if your just looking to have a bit more fun in the shower or bathtub. We recommend the use of a good Toy Cleaner that is Anti Bacterial. Always make sure your toys are clean and 100% dry before storing them. 

To Clean just rinse the toy off with warm water under the tap, apply a small amount of the Jo Toy Cleaner to the toy and rinse again. Dry the toy completely and apply some more Jo Toy Cleaner to the toy and allow to dry before storing. It is important to note that you should always clean your toys before and after use.


Only use high quality Water Based Lubricant like System Jo, never use silicone based Lubricant as it creates a chemical reaction and can damage your toy. Using a lubricant helps to make a better seal for suction on the toy. Apply a small amount to the toy and a small amount to yourself.

Pro 2 Next Generation

The Pro 2 enables multiple and incredibly intense orgasms within minutes. With its oval head, innovative vacuum technology and touch-free massage, it provides an extra dose of pleasure. The latest Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 4 features a larger silicone head for more comfort, a plus and minus power control button and a modified LED light.

The number one selling female sex toy on the market. Reviewed by almost every sex toy reviewer and found to be a toy every woman should own. Most commonly talked about toy on Bad Girls Advice. Get yours today and give us some feedback about your experiences.


Don’t worry boys we have you covered. This product was tested by Rocco Siffredi was said it was “My Best Orgasm!” Coming from a man who has starred in 1800 Movies and had over 5,000 woman that say allot about this toy. But don’t take our word for it give it a try and leave us your review.

The Satisfyer Men is not just any toy. It ensures the most intense stimulation. A surprise awaits you in the super soft interior: a unique air cushion, which turns into a love cushion, surrounds the soft interior. The novel pump feature allows you to add or release air during use at the touch of a button. That way, you decide for yourself how tight the Satisfyer Men is – and are the lord of its intensity and your desire.

You can also change it up with interchangeable sleeves (purchased separately) to make your own sensation. This a toy that all men should try at least once in their life. Get yours today.

Pro Traveller

If you have have always wanted to go travelling with your toys but wanted something smaller and more discreet this is the product for you. Whether you’re a globetrotter or happy at home: the practical cap has a magnetic closure, making your pleasure pal a discreet and hygienic companion. Thanks to its compact size, the Traveller can be swiftly slipped into your bag.

Thanks to its elegant design and breathtaking internal technology, it is a lifestyle product that no toy collection should be without. Get yours Today and go on a adventure wherever that may take you.

Pro G-Spot Rabbit

Time for the ultimate in sensation – this special Rabbit is your muse, plying you with orgasms for your diary of superlatives. In the typical style of the Satisfyer family, it stimulates your love bead touch-free through pressure waves, providing deeper stimulation which leads to multiple orgasms.

Get the best of both worlds with this great new addition. It has strong powerful G-Spot Vibration paired with the clitoral pressure wave technology you have come to love. Now you don’t have to decide between which toy you want toy use because now can have both.

Pro Plus Vibration

The design of the Pro plus looks a little like an Australian boomerang – once in your hand, it will always come back to you. This is how you will fare with the Pro Plus Vibration! Made entirely from silky smooth silicone, this handy pleasure dispenser features classic, touch-free clitoral pressure wave stimulation, as well as a tantalizing vibrator function. The soft silicone attachment encircles your love bead, so that waves of gentle to powerful negative pressure drive you to pure ecstasy, while the pleasurable vibrations provide added stimulation for your vagina.

You asked for a toy that could offer both the feeling of suction and vibration and now it is here. Why settle for only one pleasurable feeling when you can have two times the fun from one great toy.


All Models come with a 12 Month Warranty from time of purchase. We recommend you store your receipts until that warranty has passed. Should the unthinkable happen please contact us and we will organize the toy to be checked and replaced. For more information about the warranty please feel free to contact us on (07) 3812 2711.


The Pro 2 is more than I could have hoped for in a sex toy. I use it alone and with my partner to get me into the mood. The multiple power settings are awesome – I start on a low setting then gradually increase it bit by bit. It’s great because it can match the level of stimulation I need. It’s a great toy overall, works well and is easy to charge. I highly recommend it!

– Romy

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